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Theun Mares Book: This Darned Elusive Happiness

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Opinion of John Lavan from W.Yorks United Kingdom

A practical book on happiness and relationships. I like it.

I like this book which is small and easy to read. Mares focuses particularly on relationships as the key to happiness and gives many techniques to work on relationships and improve them. I especially liked the concept of using others as mirrors to gain insight into our own behaviour in a relationship and thereby generate new choices. These are powerful ideas once I put them into practice and my relationships have improved. For people who have read Castaneda, the text starts to make Toltec principles accessible and useful in a small book which is easy to read.

Opinion of Blaise Ryan from Nelson, BC Canada

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to enrich their life. Although I study his other, more complex and involved books, I still return to this one when I need a dose of reality. It always blows me away when I realize the simplicity of the toltec teachings to freedom, or the simplicity of being happy. It's all about relationships. And like everything else, making relationships work requires skill, which is only achieved through living and learning. This book offers us some invaluable guidance in learning how to live a fulfilled and happy life.

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