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Tarthang Tulku Book: Time, Space, and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality

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Review of novel1st from Mexico


Time, Space, and Knowledge delves questions of personal identity and of time and space like few other books.

Practical, extensive exercises are included to demonstrate the concepts. One of these includes the visualisation of an immense human body and its detailed exploration until one becomes familiar with it. Then the form is superimposed on one's own body, which is then similarly explored down to the microscopic, even to the quantum effect, where we can see: where does your body 'end' and the 'outside' world begin? In effect, parts of the 'world' are enclosed by you, and the world encloses you. The exercise results in a liberation of ideas from previously-rigid concepts and a reassessment of one's self as an identity.

Review of Gregory D Maland from San Diego, CA USA

A truly radical exploration of reality

I read this book several years ago, and have never forgotten its impact upon me. The book delves very profoundly into these three aspects of reality: time, space, and knowledge, and opens them up to a radical degree that is hard to convey in this short space. I was especially blown away by his analysis of time, which discusses the way the sequential nature of moments (past - present - future) is only a phenomenon of our vastly limited perspective, which is itself given by 'time.' How our confusion, our misperceptions, and ultimately our suffering in life are given by 'time'. This probably makes little sense, but if you're interested in time, you will love this book. The book is not easy to read, but it is extremely clearly written. It's difficult because the concepts are so radical, and challenge pretty much everything you 'know'. It comes with lots of experiential exercises that are designed to help you truly 'see' the vision that is being discussed. The exercises are very challenging, and I found myself not doing them but feeling guilty about it. (Many demand a high degree of visualization ability, which I've never had much talent for). If you want to read a superb, but much more accessible book by this author, try "Gesture of Balance," which is probably the best book on meditation I've ever read.

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