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Virginia M. Satir book:
New Peoplemaking

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Raymond R. Rubino's Review

Uplifting and Encouraging

As a family man and soon counselor-to-be, I am dismayed at the number of books re: the family that are pathology oriented. If as a student all you ever were some of the mainstream texts/resources, which are so reductionistic, you would come away with a view of the family that would have you questioning whether or not the very institution itself is viable for sustaining the mental health of all of its members.

Not so Virginia Satir's work which is very positive and uplifting. She resists the temptation to simplistically blame everything on "dysfunction" between the partners in the "marital dyad", and instead looks at the family as a collection of imperfect individuals who all have a potential to grow and learn.

I especially like her emphasis on finding the family's strengths and building on those. Anyone can take a look and come up with "what's wrong." But this does nothing to solve problems and foster resiliency, which all families need in this decidedly familly-hostile culture.

Whether you are an experienced family therapist, counselor-to-be,or a mental health generalist, if you work with and have an interest in families, I encourage you to get to know the works of Virginia Satir. This one perfectly encapsulates her paradigm for working with families in need.

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