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Virginia M. Satir book:
Making Contact

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Britt Arnhild Lindland's Review

Informative book on an important topic

Virginia Satir has been working with people all her life, and in this book she shares her information and knowledge with us. The book is about how we can develope more self knowledge. We don't need to do dramatic changes, small steps in our everyday lives are more important.

Feelings are the essence of our lives, be honest, take the chance to learn about your own feelings, why they are like they are, how to show them more freely, not to hide them. Learn to live with your feelings, to be the person you are deep inside. We need and deserve love and respect from ourselves as an encouragement to keep on living the life we are meant to live.

The book is very informative, and I can hear Satir's voice through the pages. The topic is difficult to show in such a small book though. I have never met Virginia Satir, but I think that her ideas would be much more understandable if I had heard it from her, they become too flat, too two dimensional in a book. And most of the chapters are too short. I would prefere more examples. Still the book is very good and has helpful information for all people in the prosess of making contact with each other.

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