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Robert Anton Wilson Book: Prometheus Rising

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Opinion of chaos_unreality from New York

This is one of those books you read and your life changes and leaves you wondering why you were so blind before. Prometheus Rising starts out strong, instead of filling you up with personal propaganda he just states ideas and lets the reader decide if they like them or not. The basic idea is what you think, is what you prove to yourself.

Towards the ending of the book I felt that Wilson got too caught up in his own ideas and strayed of his initial paradigm. However he brings out so many points about realizing who you are and how you perceive your life that it makes Prometheus Rising a valuable companion.

Another tweak this book has is the exercises at the end in order to bring forth realization. Instead of the usual self-help "exercises" of look at the mirror and keep saying "I will succeed" for five hours, Wilson just poses questions and ideas to think about, analyze and experiment with.

I consider this book a Self Help/Occult book. If you are looking for a way to realize who you are and improve your life and your understanding of your self-created universe buy this book. If you are a chaos magician this book will give you the power to shift within paradigms and know why you work the way you do.

Assume nothing.

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