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Robert Dilts book:
Strategies of Genius

Volume One

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Patrick E.C. Merlevede's Review

A book that applies NLP as it was meant to be

NLP was meant to be a technology to make maps of excellence. Robert Dilts is one of the few authors actually using NLP as it was meant to be. In the third book of the Stategies of Genius series, Robert Dilts studies the cognitive strategies of Sigmund Freud, Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla to uncover what these masters have to teach about healing, change and creativity respectively.

Volume Two

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Patrick E.C. Merlevede's Review

Using NLP to model Einstein's Genius

This second volume in the "Strategies of Genius" series is devoted to Albert Einstein.

How would it be like to think like Albert Einstein? Robert Dilts used the NLP modeling principles to find this out. This is really NLP as it was meant to be.

Volume Three

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Jason Bedunah's Review

Very Cool

This book studies Geniuses: Freud, da Vinci and Nikola Tesla. And, goes a step further by giving you mental strategies and beliefs so you can begin to get the same results as the geniuses.

This book is very cool. I loved the section on Nikola Tesla and da Vinci. I subtracted a star because I don't think Freud was much of a genius (unfortunately the section on Freud is over half the book).

I found a lot of useful strategies from reading this book and think it has improved my work a great deal (i'm a software engineer and aspiring fiction writer and it's helped in both areas).

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