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Ramana Maharshi Book: The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi

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Opinion of A reader from Chicago, IL USA

This is the central source book of all Sage Ramana's teachings. It is concise, clear, precise and to the point. The core of the Sages teaching is in Chapter One titled: "Who am I?" Sage Ramana rarely wrote instructions for spiritual seekers. "Who am I?" was compiled by a seeker Mr. Pillai around 1900. It is an invaluable Jewel to establish "THE TRUE IDENTITY".

We typically identify our selves with the body, mind and intellect. When asked by some one we say "I am so and so, 6ft tall, 180 lbs, doctor, accountant, son of so and so, grand daughter of so ans so, resident of Texas etc." We are sick, happy, sad and poor etc. We seek happiness in the material world. All these are modifications of our mind and psyche. Play of the pscho-somatic apparatus. The true source of PEACE and HAPPINESS is to know your "Real and True IDENTITY". Sage Ramana says in the very first page of "Who am I?" that you negate all these forms of false identifications and what remains is "Pure Conciousness." This PURE CONCIOUSNESS devoid of modifications is the gateway to the heart of "TRUE IDENTITY." You are Pure Awareness. Awareness is infinite, eternal, free from concepts of space-time and is "THE ULTIMATE SPIRIT." We can signify it by "Existence-Conciousness-Happiness." "I am 'I'" is Self-Realization. Nothing else. Plain and Simple. "BE". There is no light to see in your meditation, no extra sensory perceptions, no reading palms! If you are trying to become or becoming something "you are mid-stream and sharks are circling around." Give up these gimmicks and don't be taken away from the "ETERNAL TRUTH."

The book also contains a number of chapters where questions posed by sincere seekers and the pertinent answers given by the sage are cataloged, edited and presented clearly.

This is a masterpiece that beckons: "ALL in ONE and ONE in ALL." Your religious faith could be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamism, Agnostic ...what ever "ism" you like. The "SAGE ESTABLISED IN THE ONE REALITY" beckons you with warm smile and open heart. Open your heart and SEEK the final PEACE & HAPPINESS. Here and Right Now.

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