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Ram Tzu book: A Guide for the Spiritually 'Advanced'

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Opinion of a reader

Ram Tzu is accessible from many levels of misunderstanding

If you are serious in your pursuit of enlightenment you are in for a rough ride. Ram Tzu does not coddle. His truths are self evident to some and heresy even blaspheme to others. The pages of this book are filled with incredibly funny and intelligent paradox, that is all the more stunning because it is delivered at the most dizzying heights of mankind's most cherished beliefs. Ram Tzu is a Zen Master's Master. And like a Zen Master of old if the Student is blinded by his own flame the Master smacks him, on occasion. Ram Tzu laughs at you... But only when you need laughing at. An example form the book: "Ram Tzu knows this...You indulge in self mprovement... and...All you have to show for it is an improved self." If this makes you mad you missed the point. Losing the self is the point not improving it. This book is not for the pius, those that take themeselves too seriously. To the truly enlightened, nothing is sacred. Ram Tzu is truly Enlightened.

Opinion of Mark K. Dodds

One of my favorites

This book, without a doubt is one of my favorite books. Funny and delightful, it bares open the obvious stupidity of trying to be something you're not.

I've read and reread the book many times. Each time it's new and wonderful. Highly recommended, unless you have areas of your life that are sacrosanct and you don't want to be free.

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