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Paulo Coelo book:
Veronika Decides to Die

Paulo Coelo book: Veronika Decides to Die. Buy online

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Review of pshkbb from NYC

Herein lies the meaning of life

Paulo Coelho's new novel is beautful - both in the writing and the story being told. I first read Coelho's Alchemist and was blown away by the simplicity of his writing style and the beauty that he elicited through the weaving his tale. His novels always leave a wonderful glow behind and Veronika Decides To Die is no different.

Veronica suffers from malaise and decides that she would be better off dead. Veronika commits suicide and is shocked to awaken in Villete, a well known mental hospital, only to be told that while she was not successful in dying she has committed herself to death as her attempt at suicide has damaged her heart and she now has a few days left to live.

During this week, Veronika gets to know the other patients at Villete, from the Dr. Igor to Zedka, Mari, Eduard and the Fraternity. Each person has something to share with Veronkia - who in time comes to learn the joy pain of life and all of the emotions in between.

Readers will enjoy this trip of self discovery as it speaks to all of us. I certainly left this book with more than I went into it with. It really moved me and has made me think - about life, love, happiness, despair and so much more. I look forward to more beautfully provocative and thought provoking work from Paulo Coelho.

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