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Osho Zen Tarot - book of Osho, Ma Deva Padma

Osho Zen Tarot - book of Osho, Ma Deva Padma. Buy the book online. More Info | Buy the Book
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Review of Oshuniyi OdoFemi from Lowell, Ma, USA

Not Just your Average Fortune Telling Tool

Do you want to have your own personal Zen Master, Guru, or Old Wise Yogi to help you along your Spiritual Growth and in life in general? Sure you do, but you ask yourself. "Where am I going to find a Wise Master in the Heartlands of America, the Deep South, or in the Rural New England?" You can find this Wise Guru deep within, as we all have Wise Spirit Guides, and with the use of these beautiful cards, you can finally harness their voice.

The Osho Zen Tarot card, is not like your traditional Tarot, but something more. Each card has a beautiful image with one single word, and when the cards are lade out in front of you, many of your questions can be answered. These cards are beautiful and good to use during your personal meditation time. I use the Osho Zen Tarot as a great tool for meditation, you know sometimes the mind wonders when we meditate, and this is an excellent way to control the mind. Ask a question as you begin to meditate and pull out one card and meditate on that certain card.

The Osho Zen tarot is good for your own Spiritual Work, or for giving readings to those who are also on a Spiritual Road. But do not confuse this deck with your average Fortune Telling Tool, or Tarot Deck, as this deck will confuse those who seek answers to love, money and material gain. The Osho Zen Tarot is a tool for inner and Spiritual Growth. The Osho Zen tarot is excellent when working with your Spirit Guides, Ancestors or Angel Guides. Place these on your Ancestral Shrine, and when ever you want an answer from your Spirit Guides or Ancestors lay the cards out, and get ready for a bit of enlightment.

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