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Neale Donald Walsch Book: Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)

Neale Donald Walsch Book: Conversations with God. Buy online the book at Amazon online store. Download free 25 pages More Info | Buy the Book
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Opinion of Jed Shlackman from Miami, FL United States

Profound Food For Thought & Spiritual Awakening

This was the Conversations With God book that really resonated with me when I first read it. Having previously read the first 2 books before I was fully ready for them, CWG 3 really got me to go back and review these ideas. This book tackles some of the really big issues of creation and existence, inspiring us to think outside the boxes that have been imposed on humanity by existing religious, social, and psuedo-scientific dogmas. Not everything in these dialogues is simply understood, as sometimes the implications of the dialogue are subtle. These dialogues encourage each of us to expand our mind and explore our connection with Creation, instead of giving people some dogmatic rules to make them feel like there are things they can do to satisfy "God." This book is an excellent, captivating contribution to the spiritual/metaphysical literature of our era, even though after you read it you may realize that EVERY conversation is a conversation with god, yet "God" is the infinite Source of existence and therefore can't be confined to human words or conversations. Enjoy that paradox!

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