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Neal Donald Walsch Book:
The New Revelations:
A Conversation With God

Neal Donald Walsch Book: The New Revelations

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Review of Craig Sweetnam from Ottawa, Canada

Outstanding an amazing book for a time of troubles

When I first heard about the Conversations with God books I was very resistant to the title. I hated what people had done in the name of god. I saw god as one of the most destructive forces in history. Most wars and evil actions in history can be linked to a justification in god. This book is about a god that explains how we have misused and abused the name of god to justify the most ungodly acts. It is a guide of how to change the prevailing notion that god is a vengeful force that needs to be pacified. The god of new revelations is a god that is inspiring and powerful and loving and does not condone people killing in (his/hers/its) name.

The New revelations is the best book he has ever written. You do not have to have read any other book by him to read and get a lot out of this book. Where as his other books are more abstract this is very hands on. It talks about today's issues and problems and how to deal with them. For those new to spirituality it is a good place to start if a little challenging.

It takes on headfirst the major problem in today's world and that is our belief structure. I can not say enough great things about this book and recommend it to all.

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