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Contemporary Ayur-Veda: Medicine and Research in Maharishi Ayur-Veda

by Hari Sharma, Christopher Clark

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Review of anna_chetwynd from Portland, OR United States

Very good combination of practical & scientific

I bought this book on Amazon after it was recommended to me by a local medical doctor who is also trained in Ayur-Veda and incorporates Maharishi Ayuvedic practices in his clinic. I have been frustrated with the bulk of Aurvedic texts available on-line and in my city, which barely skim the surface of Ayurveda and certainly don't attempt to review the scientific literature on Ayurveda. I found this book to have a reasonably good coverage of the history of Ayurveda, a quite good presentation of the theoretical base of Ayur-Veda (though they perhaps go a bit over the top trying to link quantum physics to Ayurveda-- I myself am not trained in quantum physics, and I respectfully doubt the authors are...), and a good coverage of practical Ayurveda, with a liberal and much-appreciated sprinkling of well-documented references to the scentific literature on Ayurveda. Recommended for those who'd like to have a solid base on which to build their study of Ayurveda.

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