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Lama Ole Nidahl book: Entering the Diamond Way: My Path Among the Lamas. Review. Diamond Way. Buddhism. Download free pages. Buy at online bookstore. Spiritual store: books, audio, video. gifts.
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Lama Ole Nidahl book:
Entering the Diamond Way:
My Path Among the Lamas

Lama Ole Nidahl book. Entering the Diamond Way: My Path Among the Lamas.

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Fantastic introduction to buddhism

Review by a reader from New York city

Not only does the book give you a glimpse of buddhism, there are retreat centers and contact details in the back; meeting lama ole in person is not a problem because he travels to every major european city and many cities within the U.S.

From drugs to buddhist master

Review by Per Kistler from Zurich, Switzerland

This book presents the experiences and transformations of Ole Nydhal, who first believed in psychedelic drugs and step by step advanced to become a buddhist master recognized by the 16. Karmapa. Good autobiographical reading. The author is austoundingly honest about all the strange things he did on his way.

Spiritual Epic Inspires New Buddhist Center

Review by Aaron Crook from La Crosse, WI USA

It was this very book that a dear friend of mine found in a book used book store. Ken read Entering the Diamond Way and was so inspired that he wrote Lama Ole a letter. In the comming weeks Ken recieved 2 letters back from the Lama inviting him to come to the retreat that he would give in New Mexico later that year. It has been very exciting that the story line of this book has become the basis for a continued relationship with it's author. Ole and Hannah's spiritual quest at first took them to Nepal and to meet the Karmapa and with Karmapa's blessing has also taken them all around the world introducing westerners to an authentic Buddhist path. Ole has since been to my own city and there is now a thriving Buddhist center in La Crosse WI. I can also remark that after my own exciting journey with Ole and Hannah in the fall of 1999 through Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, and Poland, they have not lost the essence of what this exciting book portrays and still stick to the time proven grass roots methods, taking time for every single seeker who is fortunate enough to encounter Ole at one of his lectures around the world. This is a must read!


Review by A reader from Key West, USA

From the very beginning of the book, it was easy to identify myself with Lama Ole Nydahl, a great truth seeker and consequently a great master of Tibetan Buddhism. His fascinating travels together with his wife Hannah, starting in Nepal in the 60's, as well as their quest for the truth, led them to extensive personal encounters with great Lamas of Tibet. With their influence and after years of learning and practicing, he became a great master and an irreplaceable teacher of Tibetan Buddhism to thousands of westerners in countless countries. His monumental knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism is profoundly transforming and liberating, helping us to achieve a sense of enlightenment. One have a feeling that there really is such thing as art of happiness, and this is one of the best books a reader will ever find on the subject. His words are seeds sown from his heart into all readers of this unforgettable book.

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