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Klaus J. Joehle book:
Living on Love:
The Messenger

Klaus J. Joehle book. Living on Love: The Messenger. Buy online. Download free pages

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Review by Kathleen L. from Fresno, CA USA

My husband and I facilitate a Manifesting Workshop at our Unity Church. As a consequence, we read a LOT of material, but we've never come across anything like Living on Love before. Five stars are not enough. It's a great yarn with amazing insights. We both read it in one sitting.

Everybody else can put their put their pencils down because Klaus Joehle says it ALL so simply and entertainingly that you can start practicing Living on Love as soon as you close the book. No affirmations, no treasure-mapping, none of the usual think-yourself-rich trappings - Living on Love just cuts to the chase, and anyone can do it right away.

Klaus began experimenting with meditation to go into the future and retrieve winning numbers for the Canadian sports lottery. He was successful! But beyond that, he discovered the power of sending love to his bills, food, his son, who was running with a bad crowd - I could go on and on because Klaus takes us along on his adventure as it unfolds. Some parts are hilarious.

After reading an online version of the book, one of our Manifesting Workshop members sent love to her family checking account over the holidays and, despite the seasonal glut of expenses, she unexpectedly had money left over to spare at the end of the month.

You think you've heard this all before, but trust me, you haven't. Not like this. Living on Love goes far beyond prosperity. My husband and I started sending love to one another, and we're honeymooners all over again. We were so excited, we started corresponding with Klaus, and he sent us this story:

"I'll give you an example. We just had a big storm here. Hundreds of big trees where blown over in a straight line 200 feet wide. We live in the center of this strip that was destroyed, but if you stand in our yard you see nothing of it until you step off my boundary. You would need to see it to fully understand, it's very bizarre. We slept through it. In the morning I saw the last part of the storm from our yard, but it was as if we were in a bubble."

Living on Love is as plain as the nose on your face, but most of us just never see it. Sometimes it takes genius to point out the obvious. Love is within us, it's powerful, unlimited, and freely available to us all the time. All we have to do is tap into it and direct it wherever we want. What could be easier than that?

Do yourself a favor and check out Klaus Joehle's website to learn even more. And buy this book! You'll be telling everybody you know, too. It deserves to become a bestseller.

The link to making dreams become a part of my reality!

Ann a 42 year old writer from from Canada

Is a true story of one mans life his discovery of the power behind sending love, The effect it has on our universe, people around us and the paths we choose to take. You will find Klaus has a unique style of writing, sincere, captivating and full of humor. Klaus manages to bring you the feeling of sitting right there with him, he not only takes you on the path with him but also leaves you with the instructions to discovering your own path. I have found that by following the instructions to sending Love that are described in this book. The link To making my dreams become my reality. This book is truly A great contribution to the universe.

After centuries of secrecy an empowering secret about Love is revealed

Editorial Reviews

After centuries of secrecy an empowering secret about Love is revealed. A true story that will make you cry and laugh. This is a truly amazing discovery.

What if after many years of studying so called ancient wisdom, you find yourself stuck? All the information is there but nothing seems to be working. Then one day, out of work and out of money, you come up with a brainstorm. You take all the information you learned about meditation, remote viewing, out of body travel, and so on. You decide to mentally travel into the future to see what the results of tomorrow's sports lottery will be. But just as the money starts rolling in you run into your future self. You ignore him! So another future self comes to see you, to change the past or maybe to change the future. What if your future self offered you information about Love that has been kept secret for centuries? Information that will make all your dreams come true. Would you let go of the easy money? As you take this book home, so you will also need to choose.

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