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A Toltec Path: A User's Guide to the Teachings of Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda, and Other Toltec Seers - Ken Eagle Feather Book. Download free pages. Buy at online bookstore. Spiritual and esoteric store: books, audio, video, gifts shop.
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Ken Eagle Feather Book: A Toltec Path: A User's Guide to the Teachings of Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda, and Other Toltec Seers

Ken Eagle Feather Book: A Toltec Path. Buy online. Download free pages

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Review of a reader from Three Lakes, WI, USA

Excellent overview of Toltec philosophy

Writers like Victor Sanchez and Ken Eagle Feather are valuable because they help to clarify and codify what don Juan has taught through Castaneda's books. On the one hand, it's ultimately a barrier to further growth if you try to make something into a philosophy with certain dogmatic strictures. On the other hand, I found Castaneda's books hard to apply to my own life, until I started reading books by other Toltec writers.

I believe Ken Eagle Feather has a superb handle on these concepts and he does a good job in conveying what they mean. ... (and, on a side note, I don't believe book reviews should descend into personal name-calling). Frankly, a lot of Castaneda's stuff could be labeled New Age crap too, and has been done so by various anthropologists and others who have investigated his life. It depends on your point of view, and what you find valuable. The point is, even if don Juan was not real, how valuable was Castaneda's portrayal of him? How much could you learn from him? The same applies to Eagle Feather: Even if you don't believe that he has been taught by "the man" don Juan, how much can you learn from what he's written?

Now, in other books Eagle Feather does delve into things like chakras and out-of-body experiences and chanelling, based on his experiences with the Monroe Institute. But I feel that his independent corroboration only adds to the validity of this material.

Put simply: "A Toltec Path" is an excellent handbook for learning about the way of the warrior. It is not, as Eagle Feather himself says, a replacement for Castaneda's works. Instead, it's a complement, a sort of Cliff Notes, and a very comprehensive one at that. I highly recommend this book.

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