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Jose Silva, Philip Miele book:
The Silva Mind Control Method

Jose Silva, Philip Miele book. The Silva Mind Control Method. Buy online. Download free pages

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Step by step guide to mind control

Review by Bluestream from Victoria, Australia

Great book that helps you take control of your life. Jose Silva developed the Silva Mind Control Method many years ago. It is what he calls 'active meditation'. People use this to solve problems, get results they desire, create opportunities ( it really works! be more open minded!), cure illness etc.
Personally, i used this method once to cure a bad throat and loss of voice 2 years ago. I have had this weak voice and throat for weeks that wouldnt heal. Then one night i decided to 'go to my level', i did some visualisation and suggestion to myself, the next morning awoke with a great soothing feeling and clear sharp voice back!
If you have read Emile COue's books on Autosuggestion, or Dr Joseph Murphy's "How To Use Your Subconscious Mind" etc, then u will understand how it works. Silva takes it a step further by a scientific approach- inderstanding brainwaves or brain levels. Alpha- Beta - Theta etc, these are the brainwaves or cycles our brain function in. Silva method teaches you to get to Alpha - the most 'intelligent/spiritual' level of all, because it is directly connected to the subconscious at this level.
Lots of smart techniques that work. To many, his method is much like NLP, although NLP was not yet invented by Bandler(not until mid 70s) yet when Silva developed it. But still there are some similarities between them.

This is a good & effective book, but not meant for cowards

Review by Markus Fernandes from Karachi, Pakistan

This is a very good book for people who want to change their lives & have the courage to do so. Many religious movements try to discourage this because then they lose followers & popularity, in other words they cannot control peoples minds anymore, such groups hate independent & strong people. If you have the guts to take control of ur own life THEN READ THIS BOOK. It is 100% effective. Jose Silva is definately a savior, he teaches people to be themselves again.

This book returns to us the power which we lost due to evolution.(YES HUMANS WERE MEANT TO BE PSYCHIC) & they certainly won't go to hell for reading & following this book, coz hell is a human (christian) creation. n some deluded fools say Jesus discourages this, when performing miracles y did he say that "U will do greater things then me" (that means that we are all capable of performing miracles like him) RIGHT?? it's common sense. Y did he say that "before you ask for something believe that it has already been given to you" was he crazy?

CERTAINLY NOT. he was merely saying what This Book says in Dynamic Meditation & what about ST Peter walking on water? Jesus told him "Y DID U LOOSE FAITH" he meant that Peter had the power to walk on water before he lost faith in himself. and after healing people why did he say that"Your Faith has saved You" that means we humans have the power within us. The Bible is quiet easy to understand but some PSYCHO's dont agree they'd rather give their power to some organization & statues. & humans have been around much b4 christianity was invented. SO read this book & find your personal power within.Well Done Jose Silva!!!!

A Blessing in a Book

Review by Adrienne Cinelli from RI, USA

This book is amazing. It teaches you how to meditate, which I had already done somewhat regularly. However, the way silva teaches you (to practice just after and just before sleep) helps really teach you how to get to alpha level consciousness (the best meditative state) in under a minute. This is quite a feat!

I have been using techniques taught in this book to help me heal an injury. So far, I'm doing very well. Even more to the point, I recently had a prescheduled surgery where I had to wait 9 hours before actually going into the surgery. Can you imagine how upset, nervous, and anxious you would be if you had to lay on a stretcher for 9 hours while waiting to be put in a state of consciousness close to death while a doctor slices and dices you? And I was totally calm until the last half hour. Hey, I'm still human ;) Being able to stay in this meditate state was a miracle for me. I was so relaxed that I actually laughed at the situation. My friends and family were losing their minds that I had to wait so long, but I was completely placid. And with the aid of techniques taught in this book I was able to reduce my post-surgery pain time to only one day. Beyond that, my pain has been so infintesimal that I feel like using the word 'pain' is a heavy dramatization.

These are only a few example of what this book has done for me. I can barely wait to experience all the rest of the miracles it has in store for me. Buy this book and learn to meditate at alpha state. It's a gift that WILL improve your life FOREVER!

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