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Jerry Wennstrom book. The Inspired Heart: An Artists Journey of Transformation. Review. Download free pages. Buy at online bookstore. Spiritual store: books, audio, video. gifts.
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Jerry Wennstrom book: The Inspired Heart: An Artists Journey of Transformation

Jerry Wennstrom book: The Inspired Heart. Buy online. Download free pages

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Review by Thomas Moore

I'm sure that many people will find comfort and inspiration in this book. Jerry is able to describe a spiritual journey outside of any ancient tradition or modern system, and I trust that originality. He avoids the many hollow words that sometimes enter contemporary spiritual thought and embodies the idea that you can be fully spiritual and fully secular at the same time. Jerry's experience shows that simply by being receptive to deep intuition and living intelligently from the heart, you can achieve a degree of holiness. In the old Sufi story people were amazed that Mojud, an untutored wanderer, developed the power to heal. I expect Jerry's book to be a source of healing, and so I can ask him the question put to Mojud: "Under whom did you study?" I would expect him to answer, "It is difficult to say."

Review by Joe Kulin, Publisher Parabola Magazine

This artist's thoughts and experiences of living on the edge will expand and challenge your vision of life's possibilities. Travel along in the "now" as Wennstrom surfs the waves of life and carries the most colorful people with him.

Review by Claire Dunne

In Jerry Wennstrom, his life is his art and art his life, a seamless flow from inner to outer expression of light and dark, multileveled, joyously humored and lit with authentic experience of being in service to its source. Above all, this artist has learned to listen to the language of the larger life as it wishes to be lived through him in all its joy, creativity, reverence - and as healing power for our time.

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