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Michael Hall book:
The Structure of Personality

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Te Ruru's Review

Turning Personality Into A Verb

Occasionally a book is published in the field of therapy that has the potential to radically alter the way those working in the helping professions think about certain challenges their clients are experiencing. "The Structure of Personality" could well be such a book. On the basis of their extensive casework, research, training, and modeling, the four co-authors present a fresh understanding of the theory and treatment of personality disorders, from an NLP perspective. Their central premise is that personality is something people do, rather than something they have. This book challenges the current paradigm for the assessment of personality disorders, which tends to view such conditions as negative, crippling, and resistant to change. The authors demonstrate that people already have the ability to re-order personality in ways that allow them to function well, and that personality "disorders" are actually expressions of personal strengths utilised ineffectively.

This comprehensive and integrated text pulls together the most useful contributions of NLP for addressing the personality disorders. Part 1 presents the theory and research supporting the authors' position, as well as outlining processes for ordering personality. Part 2 details how twelve DSM-IV defined personality disorders can be reordered, based on the material presented in Part 1. This structure makes the book both a resource for research and theory, and a manual for the application of that theory. Chapters alternate between authors. Hall and Bodenhamer use a fairly technical register, while Bolstad and Hamblett's voice is softer, and they continually enliven their theory with case examples, including some from the war-torn Balkins. Despite these stylistic differences, the text is woven together in a relatively seamless manner. This book is both an advanced and a readable text. Its preference for verbs over nouns gives the language energy, and keeps the focus on personality as something people do. A rather minimalist index is a bit of a suprise in a text of this caliber. However, the detailed contents, frequent headings, bullet points, diagrams, highlighted key points, chapter-end summaries, resource list, and extensive bibliography are excellent features.

Both its ground breaking content, and its user-friendly format, make "The Structure of Personality" a text to have for NLP Consultants, students, and other practitioners in the mental health field, as well as for supervisors and training institutions. Professor Carl Lloyd's view in his introduction to the book seems acurate enough when he concludes that this new book "...is impressive both in scope and depth, staggering in its implications for treating personality disorders, giving the clinical world an utterly new way of looking at the etiology and treatment of personality disorders".

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