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Franklin Merrell-Wolff Book: Pathways Through to Space

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Matt Taylor's Opinion

This book is the personal record of the author's transformation of consciousness. The author is very well versed in both western and eastern philosophy, so he was able to put his experience into those frameworks. Frankly, this is the most important book I have ever read. I highly recommend it. I've re-read it several times. He also wrote "Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object", which is unfortunately out of print.

Reader's Opinion

Western Science Mind Meets Eastern Soul Mind...by a Master!!

A great read for anyone who wants to know/vailidate "being in the world but not of the world." Merrell-Wolff writes of his experience in a very feeling and direct way. No trite scientific disection of the "other life," but a shared experience that grant's the direct experience to the reader. Moving from recounting the "Experience" to dynamic words and poetry that comes form the space of that experience, the book is a joy of acknowledgement that this can and should be felt by all. Franklin talks of his struggle to sustain the barage of energy from his "excursions" into the city... the trouble is, he speaks of the late 1930's not the late 1990's; which has all the more to overwhelm one. Having been introduced to Merrell-Wolff from John C. Lilly (the dolphin doctor... some call him;) who writes the introduction to the Julian Press edition; it is refreshing to have another excellent spokesperson to the inner journey. A great book on the journey that more should tread... or at least read of others travel.

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