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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer book:
10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

Dr. Wayne Dyer book: 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. Buy online. Download free pages

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Book Description

Bestselling author and lecturer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has written a thought-provoking book for those of us who have chosen to consciously be on our life path. The ten "secrets" for success and inner peace presented here apply whether you're just embarking on your path, are nearing the end of it, or are on the path in any way. Dr. Dyer urges you to read these ten secrets with an open heart. By doing so, you'll learn to feel the peace of God that truly defines success.
Dr. Dyer shares his view that we're living in an age of spiritual deficiency. We have more than enough information in our society - it's spirituality that's lacking.
First and foremost, spiritually advanced people must have a "burning desire" to become as spiritually fulfilled as possible - even if they're seen as running against the pack, or, as his spiritual mentor, Henry David Thoreau said, "marching to the beat of their own drummer."

Dr. Dyer's ten principles include:

Being open to everything and attached to nothing.

Understanding that there are no justified resentments in life.

Embracing silence, since meditation is the only way to truly come to know your Source.

Knowing that you can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

Treating yourself as if you already are what you'd like to become.

About the Author

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He has written numerous bestselling books, including A Promise Is a Promise and Your Sacred Self; has created a number of audios and videos; and has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs, including The Today Show, The Tonight Show, and Oprah.

Profound Insights Capsuled In Succinct Statements

Review by Jason Chua

An incredibly insightful book that is deceptively profound because it is so simply written. Dr. Wayne Dyer has obviously thought through and meditated through every single one of these 10 secrets, such that, he is able to present each secret, in a way, that is easy to understand, easy to grasp, easy to apply, without sounding trite or plodding, while inspiring and encouraging. The overall color scheme of the book, the font types, the layouts, all lend to the peacefulness and the uplifting mood of the book. It is simply not a difficult book to read in one short sitting. However, because of its wonderful implications as you read it, you will most definitely want to return to it again and again. This is most definitely Dr. Wayne Dyer's best book

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