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Book of Deepak Chopra: How to Know God

Book of Deepak Chopra: How to Know God. Buy the book. Download free pages

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Review of Gail Hudson

God is not a person or a thing but rather a process, according to world-renowned author and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra. The purpose of this ambitious book is to assure readers that anyone can engage in this process--"it isn't a matter of faith, religious teaching, innate goodness, luck or some other mysterious factor," Chopra explains. "Our brains are hardwired to find God." This hardwiring is deftly explored as Chopra lists the seven ways humans know God and how they correspond to the anatomy of our human brains. He devotes a chapter to each of the seven visions of God: "Protector," "Almighty," "God of Peace," "Redeemer," "Creator," "God of Miracles," and "Pure Being--I am." In every chapter he asks and answers the same questions for the readers: "Who am I?" "How do I fit in?" "How do I find God?" The format works well, helping to tame this broad discussion while also illuminating the different personality types that are attracted to these seven different visions.

Fortunately, Chopra is a gifted narrator, able to make human anatomy and quantum physics understandable while also keeping spiritual and metaphysical discussions grounded. As he drifts through the cloudy realms of ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, miracles, obedience, loyalty, evil, ego, addictions, and mentors, readers can trust that there is a competent pilot at the helm, deftly guiding this excellent book. Plan to take some time with this one. It is perhaps his best yet and as such deserves a slow and steady commitment.

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Review of nandopereira from Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Splendid Book

I had a really good life before this book, really. I believed the truth, repelling lies, I had auto criticism, I achieve hard goals I set for myself, I loved friends and parentes, I was happy and I think God has nothing or almost nothing to had with it. It'd be ok if God was there, but in fact I (thought I) didn't feel It and I (thought I) didn't need It. The *force* was inside me, mainly in my brain - that was my inner belief. Although my life was good, it was not "rounded", I mean, my way of life and thinking life wasn't complete. Even if I live the truth, in certain circumstances the thruth seemed to fail, the love didn't reach everybody, and so on. That bothered me every time I had to think about it. It isn't rare the times I was suddenly taken by rage, annoyance and sadness, like if they were logical feelings. That couldn't be good. I hadn't the "key", I thought to myself. And I really didn't have. A magnificent help to find the key is in this book from Mr. Deepak Chopra, an amazing work about finding and knowing *God* I ever read. It's not a surprise that Dalai Lama, Larry King, Mikhail Gorbachev, PhDs in Religion, Philosophy and Physics agree in the findings of Depak Chopra. It's not a guess, it's findings of Science and Religion brought together in a vision that tries to distance itself from a theory. You have to be a little prepared to think deeply about the subject of GOD, open your mind whatever theory you defend, give this book a chance even if you found *God* by any known religion. But, if you are, you have a brand new world in front of your eyes, or, I should say, inside your mind. Only one of the dozens great qualities of this finding is that, rounded as it is, it's inclusive and respectful to every belief, and it's not only a finding, it's a way of life that I felt to be the natural way of life we human beings should be living. Mr. Chopra explains the seven stages of God, gives us examples, show our present reality compared to every stage, describes the nature of God and important scientific and religious knowledge from science. But the thing is, just by reading this book, by understanding it, your life can change (for a better you just can imagine by reading a review). It worked with me. Like Simone Weil says (in the beginning of the book): "When it comes to divine, faith is not enough. Only sure will work. Anything smaller than sure isn't worthy of God". Love for all.

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