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Book of Christy Turlington: Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice

Book of Christy Turlington: Living Yoga. Buy the book online. More Info | Buy the Book

Review of a reader from New Jersey, United States

One of the Best Yoga Books around!

If you wanna know "Why Yoga?" GET THIS BOOK! Please know that this is not an instructional book, however. Christy Turlington so personally and genuinely explains why and how yoga changed her life and gives great insite to what yoga means. I disagree with the reviewer Scott about what what you are supposed to give up when it comes to yoga. What Christy Turlington explains so well is that there are different paths in yoga and how it can impact and develop people in different ways. Here you have a devout Catholic practicing yoga - and making it work. I think that she is challenging people to view yoga differently. She explains that yoga pre dates both Hinduism and Buddhism, and these faiths of the east folded yoga into their teachings, but yoga is not to soley be connected to these two things. It is bigger than that and can renew the faith of even those who practice "Western" religions. She really captures the beauty of yoga practice. I think she did an excellent job with this book!

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