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Bob G. Bodenhamer book:
The User's Manual for the Brain

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A reader from Barquisimeto's Review

The most comprehensive and in-depth NLP manual to date!

Finally, I found a real comprehensive manual for the wide field of NLP. I have been involved in the field since 1985 and felt that a thorough manual was missing. The reader can find scientific bases and conceptual explanations as well as exercise and practical tips about the main NLP developments. I was delighted with the chapter on presuppositions, which in most nlp books is a mere listing, whereas in this book you find enough material as to do something parctical with them. They wrote exercises to incorporate the nlp presuppositions on yourself. An excelent structuring of this Manual makes the understanding and practicing of NLP more available to the readers. In other words, it makes the picture complete enough to draw a more realiable "map" of the rich NLP world. The chapters presenting the Meta Model and its relationship with Milton Erickson hypnosis model are clear, with lots of explanations and linkages of the components. Again, you find plenty ideas on how to apply things. Part Three is dedicated to the Neurology Model of NLp and the different techniques on how to manage your own mind-body system.Part three offers the reader quite a group of advanced techniques including time-lining, that is the ways to restructure your minds ways of representing time in your life. Don't miss this book if you already are or are planning to be an NLP Practitioner in any field.

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