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How to Read the Aura and Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance

by Walter Ernest Butler

Buy the book: Walter Ernest Butler. How to Read the Aura and Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance

Release Date: March, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Walter Ernest Butler. How to Read the Aura and Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance

How To Read The Aura

How to Read The Aura And Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance, by parapsychologist W. E. Butler, is an American release under one cover of four books popular abroad for years. Butler died long before this book was published, but his techniques are timeless.
Each topic is first clearly defined, with a discussion of the forms it can take and the conditions under which it may be manifested. Butler then describes how people may train themselves to develop that particular ability. He maintains that "psychic development consists in building up certain links between the normal waking consciousness and the personal subconsciousness."
Butler also discusses the ethical use of psychic powers, and advises practitioners to exercise self-discipline with the powers they develop. He also stresses the importance of keeping good records, especially of your progress as you train. Butler emphasizes using psychic abilities for healing and explains how that may be done.
All people possess intuition and basic psychic abilities. Readers interested in recognizing and developing their higher faculties will find How To Read The Aura And Practice Psychometry, Telepathy, & Clairvoyance an excellent and comprehensive reference.

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very intuitive

I think that this book is a very real and interesting novel. I learned more about myself than anyother book could have evey shown me. But the real reason why I'm writing this review is because of the reason why I bought it.I was looking in Barns and Noble book store in pittsfield massachusetts and found this book on a shelf and to my suprise I was on the front cover.How strange right! Well my name is Daniel Tucker and go to M.C.L.A, which is a state school in North Adams MA. Also if it is possiable I would like to know when my picture was taken and why its on this great book. It would be great if you could e-mail me.

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