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Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds

by Mark Smith, Raymond A., Jr. Moody

Buy the book: Mark Smith. Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds

Release Date: June, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mark Smith. Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds

I see auras without a book

I have seen auras for 20 years. It was painful to be so isolated and not be able to express what I saw to everyone else. I tried igoring them and only saw more. I thought I would share with you becasue of your intrest in this book my experince that over the years that clear band so many of you are able to finally tap into is the aura you were hoping to see. I don't know exactly why I see much more then that and people who write books to tell you why or what they mean are all misleading you becasue its only you who can answer those questions yourself within yourself. When you choose to look at that band or even if youre able to see the colors yourself, its the lesson youre getting thats for you to figure out, alot like your dreams, which no one can explain to you as you need to do the work yourself to understand them. I can tell you however that 20 years of seeing auras eventually led me to accept that i was psychic and a medium. I think that when i started seeing auras it was an opeing door to me to allow me to gradually accept many more gifts comming to me and it was so visual i couldn't run away from them. It took me that long, all those years to open myself up totally to the spirit world and really, the gifts in this world. Auras are extremely beautiful and unlike the colors we have here. They arn't as flat and make oyu very senstive to color on Earth. When I hear people saying "this color means this and that" its not really true. When we become aura readers the way colors are on the body and and the hues and shapes all are so infinate theres no one way that they can possibly mean anything that can be catagorized so easily. I found it amusing that the author added he'd seen Gerry Garcias aura as I saw it once while Gerry was dining with me. It was a white halo. I was shocked as I did not respect him very much, what I took from it was that it was a colection of the faith so many people had in Gerry and it actually made him blessed. All the people who admired Gerry as a "Saviour" healed Gerry on his soul-path in this lifetime. It was also shortly before Gerry passed.
All living things have auras. Cats are esp easy to view for some reason. Also auras are left on doorways people lean on and have layers from thier energies they left behind, also any sacred object esp ones where people pray alot. Furniture collects energy and places. The auras deplete over time... wear off objects if not used for long periods. Tree have auras! they are esp easy for new viewers. If you see that clear band youre doing well opening up please dont' become fustrated. What I learned was that folks who do not see auras do not need to see auars. those who do need to. All these things have a purpose in our lives. While its exciting to be able to see these pretty colors, after 20 years of seeing them plus shapes and thoughts and past lives within them i can assure you that becomeing a medium and becomeing clairaudent has by far surpassed anything I experinced in aura-reading. Now when I do a "reading" ( I work for free- i wasn't charged for seeing auras thus shouldnt' charge for telling people about them) I start out asking the person to "breath in white light thru thier nose and exhale thru their mouth the first color they see in thier heads or feel"
please try this five times. its important to uncross your body parts and get very comfertable. you need quiet for this. People who have expericed trust issues from life trama need practice. It may take a few times. When you breath in and out please use sound and allow yourself to make noisy lusty air breaths in and out so you can hear them. Do not hold naythign in or hold anythign back. The Color you see when you exhale is what you need to work on OK> you dont' have to see your aura to know this information. This will help you in your healing. For you to know what that color means ( it changes evey day sometimes stays the same over days or week depending how long you have to work thu it)- it wou;d be better growth for you spiritually to try to understand yourself on a deeper level, as this is where all healing comes from, ask yourself "what does this color really mean for me? how do I feel about this color?"
I know its easier to rely on outside sources for your information but it will always keep you distant from yourself if you place authority outside yourself for knowledge. These are the things I have learned as a healer and aura reader. The still small voices you hear in your head speaking to you are by far more significant then your aura colors. Good luck blessing to you on your Journey in earth School.

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Get this guy into the lab

As the former CTO of a Photonics company, I was a little skeptical of the book's claim "see them in 60 seconds". But that's all it took. My scientific mind says this can't be happening, but my eyes aren't lying.
As a Ph.D in Optical Science, I really want to study this phenomenon, but I'm having too much fun "seeing" everyone in a new light right now. I don't know how this happens, and I can't see auras on everybody, but I'm successful at seeing something >80% of the time.
What that "something" is needs to be studied, perhaps at the Menniger Institute or Stanford.
As for the book, it's entertaining, and I'm glad to see that the author doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. He does seem to have stumbled on to this accidentally and I hope he is serious enough to proceed scientifically with large random samplings of subjects and viewers to ascertain a baseline, and get some metrics strapped on this thing. Then maybe we can find out why some exibit and others don't (at least to my eyes that seems to be the case), and what causes the great variety of display.

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