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Vedic Astrology: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish

by Ronnie Gale Dreyer

Buy the book: Ronnie Gale Dreyer. Vedic Astrology: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish

Release Date: May, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ronnie Gale Dreyer. Vedic Astrology: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish

Disappointing book

I had written a review before but it was removed. Why??
I remember two other negative reviews that were removed.
Oh well....I am simply writing this to guide people like myself...

I made a BIG mistake buying this book.
I have read a number of Jyotish books including books written by Indian authors. I would not recommend you to buy this book.
Its not good at all. Mostly just a mechanical reproduction of some principles without explaining them properly.
The main thing that bothered me was that the author has not shown the use of navamsha at all. Most astrologers in India
dont even start analysing unless they see the navamsha also.
In other words, your predictions will be incorrect if you use this book. If you are a beginner read, "Light On Life by Hart Defaouw" . Its the best for beginners!
After reading "Light on Life" , read "Elements of Vedic astrology 1 & 2 by Dr.Charak". The book by Dr.Charak is one of the most comprehensive book in English (other than classical texts).

Point is that there are numerous great Pandits and scholars
who have written books on astrology and these books are a thousand times better than this one.

Thats my frank opinion.....

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Ample Treasure in This Book For Western Minds

I am exceedingly happy to see a beautifully written and constructed book,by a Western author on rudiments of Vedic Astrology.The way to elucidate the concept(s) of fundamental Vedic Jyotish(Indian Astrology)is admirable.Dreyer has justly used her over two decades of experience as Vedic Jyotish soothsayer to explain to the Western readers the complex concept(s)of fundamental Vedic Jyotish.Being a North American teacher who teaches Vedic Jyotish from the beginners level,Dreyer knows exactly "What and How",to explain to the occidental reader.Highly recommended for Western readers.

From Amazon.com

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