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Visionary Activist Astrology

by Caroline W. Casey

Buy the book: Caroline W. Casey. Visionary Activist Astrology

Release Date: December, 2000

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Caroline W. Casey. Visionary Activist Astrology

Wonderful - but a repackaging of Inner & Outer Space

Caroline W. Casey's _Inner and Outer Space: The Astrological Lanugage of the Psyche_ has long been one of my favorite sources of Ms. Casey's visionary work. Any long drive is a wonderful excuse to bring these tapes out again! I was thrilled to think there was a new set of tapes now available. However, other than the publisher's voiceover saying these tapes are "Visionary Activist Astrology" rather than "Inner and Outer Space" these *are* the earlier tapes.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the earlier tapes, however, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Ms. Casey leads one through Peracelsus to Jung to Gurdieff and on to a highly original and beautifully-told interpretation of the astrological language as a tool for transformational change. Her stories about her own life, the planets, teaching stories of native peoples and great philosophers blend into a system for understanding the forces that shape our world. When speaking of the slow outer planets which shape the entire culture or the inner planets which vary greatly between individual charts, she illumines our lives and times.

Whether one chooses to believe in the influence of the stars, this down-to-earth relinking with a spiritual lineage of ancient times to the spiritual searcher today will please, educate and enchant.

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