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Wisdom From The Road Less Traveled

by Ariel Books

Buy the book: Ariel Books. Wisdom From The Road Less Traveled

Release Date: 09 May, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Ariel Books. Wisdom From The Road Less Traveled

Unquestionably inspiring

Whether I found this book, or it found me, is hardly relevant these days. What I do know is that it was timely, life-altering, and poignant in its depiction of life, love, spirituality, and psychology as we know it.

Oftentimes, one comes across a reading that takes itself too seriously, tries in vain towards guru posturing, or comes apart in cotton candy rhetoric. The Road Less Traveled offered a most healthy balance of esoteric spirituality and somewhat "in your face" science and information regarding humanity, its choices and options for a better self/world.

No one coming away from this piece will doubt that there is always hope, and a glory and grace undefined in taking the road less traveled in our interactions with self and others.

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Some Good Examples

There is alot of technical psychological and spiritual terminology which will not keep everyone's attention. However, there are some very good examples of the powers of psychotherapy and how an open mind can help anyone. The case of Kathy is especially captivating as this situation in particular shows that healing and change takes a great amount of time and willingness to trust. There are good examples on how life events can effect one's growth. Theadore's case is another good example that illustrates that.

Life is difficult where there are many trials and tribulations. People who realize this and are willing to work hard will be on the way to understanding the principles of this book better. The over reliance on psycho-terminology reduces the effectiveness but overall it has much merit.

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