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The New Chinese Astrology

by Suzanne White

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Release Date: 15 December, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Suzanne White. The New Chinese Astrology

My favorite

One reviewer writes: "If you want a real book on Chinese Horoscopes, check something else out." I did. In fact I checked out about 20 other books on Chinese Astrology and none of them are as good as this book. Although I have a couple which are more detailed with charts and so on and are better for understanding the technical aspects on Chinese Astrology.

This book concentrates more on the character description of the twelve animal signs. Suzanne White has a very personal way of describing the characters, but that makes it easier to identify to it. Ofcourse you could describe the signs very unpersonal, like a fortune cookie is written, but then again she calls her book the NEW Chinese Astrology which already indicates that it is somehow different than other books. I find the personal way of describing the characters actually more helpful. You realize this more over the years. But despite of that, this book is very accurate and Suzanne White really knows Chinese Astrology. I also highly recommend Suzanne White's book "The New Astrology" which combines Eastern and Western Astrology.

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The Best Book on Astrology Ever Written in Human History!

...or at least I think so. And some people say I'm awful smart.
The book divides us humans into twelve categories. Each
category corresponds to an animal. Then we are all divided into five more categories. These are wood, fire, earth, metal, and
water. So all of humanity is divided into sixty categories.
If I can be serious for a moment, which isn't easy sometimes,
this is a very good book for business and human relationships.
It is not the definitive book on business and human relationships. It has to be used properly. In a fashion to understand others and situations. Not to judge,
moralize, or condemn. I do think that Suzanne White is the
best astrologer alive. I think that I have explored all the popular writers in the last thirty years. The very best book
on the subject, I still believe, is Suzanne White's "The New Astrology." That book and this book make a good team if used with discretion. In this book, we are entirely exposed to the
subject of "Chinese" Astrology. She gives a description
of the twelve animals. This is further divided into the sixty
when we add the elements. She gives a future outlook for
all animals up to the year 2008. The book is large. Over 500
pages. This is mainly because of the range. By this, I mean that one can use this text for fun or for very serious matters.
The range of this book is what I think seperates it from other
Chinese astrology books that I have seen. Some are "cute."
Some take themselves deadly serious. This book is versatile.
It's also a bit hard-hitting. The author doesn't believe in pulling punches in regards to her descriptions of personality types. Nor is she careful in sparing our feelings in regards
to our relationships. She descibes one relationship of mine as
a "catastrophe." It is this clarity and the versatility which
make this and "The New Astrology" good fine texts for business
and professional people who simply don't want to get into "all that." Namely, astrology. For those who believe that astrology
does indeed hold something that is valuable and useful, but
who don't want to examine why, I can think of no other author who can help us. Help us to get into the "real stuff" of the
subject while not getting our hands dirty with "the stars."
Buy this book and "The New Astrology." Don't tell anybody that you do put any value on astrology. And consult them when you feel that
some insight is necessary. Thank you and keep clean and do right.

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