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The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: A Symbol Explained for Each Degree of the Zodiac

by Marc Edmund Jones

Buy the book: Marc Edmund Jones. The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: A Symbol Explained for Each Degree of the Zodiac

Release Date: August, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Marc Edmund Jones. The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: A Symbol Explained for Each Degree of the Zodiac

Another version...

... for a 1st book on the subject, I would recommend this version. The author includes chapters on: "planets & character traits", "Rectification using Symbols", & info on using them for daily guidance (by using the Symbol for the sunrise degree). They can be used w/ Horary charts as well. If you've no book on the Sabian Symbols, definitely try this one.

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Astrology and Oracle in one book!

Astrology is an area of spirituality that has been distorted by popular use. However, this book opens new possibilities for astrology both as a traditional predictive tool, and as a means of personality integration. The book has 1000 horoscope examples of real people, and some well-considered theory mundane and Horary Astrology, of which the last of these is original. Most importantly, this book presents the Sabian Symbols. To my knowledge this was the first publication of the symbols, yet many books have published them since.

What are the Sabian Symbols? Well, each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac is assigned a "symbol", such as for example "Taurus 22 - White dove over troubled waters". Then, this symbol is given a positive and a negative slant in a paragraph of text, as well as a keyword, in this case Taurus 22 degrees is "Guidance". The symbols add value to any horoscope, but there's more!

The symbols in this book are excellent and practical as a kind of modern day "I Ching". That is, you can ask a question (of your higher self), then select a symbol using a random selection to find out your answer. A good way to do this is for example, to have two stacks of normal playing cards. For the stack to select the zodiac sign use:- Aries - King of Hearts; Taurus - Queen of Hearts; Gemini - Jack of Hearts; Cancer - King of Diamonds; Leo - Queen of Diamonds; Virgo - Jack of Diamonds; Libra - King of Spades; Scorpio - Queen of Spades; Sagittarius - Jack of Spades; Capricorn - King of Clubs; Aquarius - Queen of Clubs; Pisces - Jack of Clubs.

Then, for the selection of the degree of that sign, use: hearts 1-10 for 1 to 10 degrees, diamonds 1-10 for 11 to 20 degrees, hearts 1-10 for 21 to 30 degrees.

So, for example, Taurus 22 degrees using this system would be denoted by "Queen of hearts" = Taurus, "2 of clubs" = 22 degrees.

I have used this book "off and on" over the past ten years together with the similar book by Dane Rudhyar. The latter I found had similar and complementary text descriptions for the symbols. In my opinion, the symbols have even more far-reaching possibilities. They can be used as a device to learn "clair-seeing" where the world we walk in can be interpreted prophetically by reading into the symbolisms noticed. This is a fascinating prospect but I've not seen any book working that way from the Sabian Symbols. The author Marc Edmund Jones spent 30 years on this one; a worthwhile endeavour as you can see from what I've said here.

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