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The Little Giant Encyclopedia of The Zodiac

by The Diagram Group

Buy the book: The Diagram Group. The Little Giant Encyclopedia of The Zodiac

Release Date: 30 June, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: The Diagram Group. The Little Giant Encyclopedia of The Zodiac

80% Accuracy

This book is very interesting. It gives you detailed information about each zodiac sign as well as the Chinese astrology. This book seems to be 80% accurate on the zodiac signs. It describes your characteristic traits, personality, work, occupations, love, sex, your childhood, parenting, and which zodiac sign you get a long with and dont. The Chinese astrology chart is not that accurate...probably about 40% accurate. I recommend this book to anyone who is into the zodiac signs and the signs of their friends and family.

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Very handy little astrological guide

Ever have this happen to you-- you find a nice astrology book, but find you have to pay something like $20 or more just for the one or two pages devoted to your own particular sign? Luckily with this book, this doesn't happen. Not only is it inexpensive (only $8.95), it gives you many pages of information about your particular sun sign, unlike other books that will only spend a few paragraphs to a full page and a half. As a bonus, the book also gives you information about your Chinese astrological sign, then combines it with your Western astrological sign to give you a very comprehesive description of your personality traits. All in all, this is a very nice book to have, but also a very nice giftbook to give someone.

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