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The Creative Astrologer: Effective Single-Session Counseling

by Noel Tyl

Buy the book: Noel Tyl. The Creative Astrologer: Effective Single-Session Counseling

Release Date: January, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Noel Tyl. The Creative Astrologer: Effective Single-Session Counseling

A Fresh Approach

Other reviews here have explained the content and value of this book very well. I would add only that this work is important to the practicing astrologer because it does show how to focus on key elements of tension within the chart when a client seeks a consultation. Most people seeking astrological counseling for the first time are in some sort of crisis and need affirmation of and help with their experience. Using many examples that are clearly explained, Mr. Tyl does a superb job of showing how to be as effective as possible without wasting time. This work should be in every astrologer's library.

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Useful methods to conduct consultation

This book can be said to be a very useful book for astrological practitioners who want to make the best of limited time for consultation. The title of the book says the "creative" astrologer, since Mr. Tyl believes that neither therapists' credentials (i.e., Ph.D., M.A., and so on) nor experience are not relevant to the effectiveness of therapy.

The aim of this book is to instruct how to conduct an effective counseling and provide numbers of applicable examples. If possible, I recommend you to read Basil Fearrington's "The New Way to Learn Astrology" before reading this book. The author of "The New Way-" is a Mr. Tyl's student, who explains Mr. Tyl's theory very clearly. If you read this book first, you can understand easily theoretical background of "The Creative Astrologer~."

In his creative counseling, Mr. Tyl emphasizes the importance of thinking deeper into parental influences and persistent tendencies that one have been continuing from childhood. In this sense, he takes much of the effects of transiting Saturn's aspects to Angles and to Saturn (7,14,28-30, 35, 42-45, 60 years old) in the natal chart. Also, he put weight on Moon due to its importance in developmental stage. In the late chapter is like a cookbook filled with his "creative" connections among planets and houses.

Although I am not so much interested in the main parts of this book, i.e., case studies of a siingle session and his advice, this book can be of great use for practical use of astrology.

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