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The Astrologer's Handbook

by Julia Parker

Buy the book: Julia Parker. The Astrologer's Handbook

Release Date: December, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Julia Parker. The Astrologer's Handbook

Another Zodiac?

May I first say, that I have not read the entire book as of yet but I did read the article excerpted from it, call Sun, Moon, Rising Signs. Her interpretation of Sagittarius Moon was very lacking in what is the true spirit of that sign. There was no mention of the adventurous nature, wanderlust, or need for freedom that so characterizes that sign. She seems to deal mainly with the emotional levels, or lack thereof, of each sign and fails to capture the unique nature, spirit or characteristics of the signs she describes.I have studied astrology for 28 years, and am an avid student, and a voracious reader, but I doubt that I will add her book to my collection.

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A great book for beginners...

This book gave me a very good background in astrology as a beginner. Not only does it give all the details of calculating a person's birthchart, but it goes to explain the significance and meaning of each aspect of the different planets and signs in a person's birthchart.

The only bad qualities I found in the book were a few repetions of the text in similar parts of each sign, and the fact that the maps the author gave ended in the early 80's, even though I bought the book in the late 90's...

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