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Signmates: Understanding the Games People Play

by Bernie Ashman

Buy the book: Bernie Ashman. Signmates: Understanding the Games People Play

Release Date: September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bernie Ashman. Signmates: Understanding the Games People Play

SignMates By Bernie Ashman

An excellent book for someone wanting to gain greater clarity about their relationships. There is no better Astrology book on the market today for the mainstream with such simplicity in suggesting ways for lovers to better communicate. The book is a wonderful and well organized Guide to Romantic Love written in an easy to understand language. The psychological and romantic profile of each sign has been written with great insight and depth. The author writes in a down-to-earth and user-friendly style with humor brillantly woven into the book. He encourages the reader to look past the shortcomings of a relationship, and focus more on the positive. The "Games" identify potential problem areas facing any two SignMates. The Strategy sections point toward resolutions. The Rainbow sections show the height any sign combination can reach. This book is highly recommended for individuals seeking greater fulfillment in their romantic relationships.

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Your sign, my sign

This is a beginner's level astrology book, or maybe even pre-beginner's level. That is to say, there is no astrology in it beyond sun signs. It is mostly pop psychology -- how to get along with your lover, from 78 points of view -- one for every pair of signs. There is nothing new about this book other than the author's particular spin on how each sign gets along with every other. There is a short section in the beginning describing each sun-sign ("Part I: The Twelve Players"). Then in Part II, the bulk of the book, "Let the Games Begin", every sign is romantically paired with every other. Each pairing begins with a title and an equation, e.g., "Aries-Aquarius: The Eager Ones ... Aries + Aquarius = Lickety-split Unpredictability" followed by a summary paragraph about their interaction. Then the author outlines three games per pairing, e.g. in the Aries-Aquarius example, they are named "Don't Crowd Me Game", "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown Game", and "Lost Direction Game". Each game description gets about half a page, and suggests ways the couple may run into trouble in their relationship. Then comes a section called "Strategies" which offers ways the previously outlined games/problems can be successfully resolved. Finally, each pairing gets a warm-fuzzy section called "Rainbow" which rhapsodizes about the wonderfulness of that particular relationship. It is usually the longest section, running a page or two (although the "Strategies" section may also be a page or more). It is altogether standard, ho-hum, sun-sign stuff, but astrologically sound enough information. Some may like his breezy, upbeat writing style, though I personally found it banal and superficial. A typical passage, p. 120 (Taurus-Gemini): "...Honesty takes courage. It is scary to think our most cherished dreams may be rejected. It is more convenient to hide our true motives -- but does this lead to the result you want? Give clear messages. Learn to negotiate from the truth than try to conceal from fear. This doesn't happen overnight. Old habits are hard to break..." There are actually 478 pages filled with similar cliches, which is, I guess, an achievement of sorts.

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