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201. Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 2000: A Complete Aspectarian: Mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic, 2000, 23 26' 21" (Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planet's Places, 2000)
by Edwin Raphael, W Foulsham & Co Ltd, W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd.

202. Read Your Future: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, Astrology, the I Ching, and Other Divination Techniques from Around the World
by Jane Struthers

203. Robin MacNaughton's Sun Sign Personality Guide : A Complete Love and Compatibility Guide for Every Sign in the Zodiac
by Robin Macnaughton

204. Ruling Planets: Your Astrological Guide to Life's Ups and Downs
by Christopher Renstrom

205. Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul
by Erin Sullivan

206. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil
by Liz Greene

207. Scorpio 2004: October 23-November 22 (Total Horoscope Series)
by Jove Publications

208. Secrets of Chinese Astrology: A Handbook for Self-Discovery
by Kwan Lau, Kwan Lau

209. Secrets of the Signs
by Stacey Wolf

210. Secrets of Your Rising Sign: The Astrological Key to Getting What You Want
by Webb Harris, William Lamb

211. Seduction by the Stars : An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships
by Geraldine Rose, Ren Lexander

212. Sex Signs: Every Woman's Astrological and Psychological Guide to Love, Men, Sex, Anger, and Personal Power
by Judith Bennett

213. Sexscopes : How to Seduce, Stimulate, and Satisfy Any Sign
by Stuart Hazleton

214. Sextrology: Astrology for a Great Sex Life
by Edward B. Gould

215. Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes
by Starsky and Cox

216. Sexual Astrology : A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Sensual Stars
by Martine, Joanna Woolfolk

217. Signmates: Understanding the Games People Play
by Bernie Ashman

218. Signs of Mental Illness: An Astrological and Psychiatric Breakthrough
by Mitchell E. Gibson

219. Simplified Scientific Astrology
by Max Heindel

220. Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology
by Steve Midgett, Steven Forrest, Jodie Forrest

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