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Quantum Relationships: It's Written in the Stars

by Susan Painter, Julia Swanson

Buy the book: Susan Painter. Quantum Relationships: It's Written in the Stars

Release Date: 30 November, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Susan Painter. Quantum Relationships: It's Written in the Stars

valuable interpretations

Quantum Relationships is a book that is suited for the general public (astrology for all). The book comes with a CD-ROM that calculates the birth data (even without a time of birth !). Installation of the CD is very easy and using the program is really simple. After entering the birth data of you and all the people you want to do a match, the planetary positions are given on a circle (comparable with a natal chart). The names in blue (not very readable colour on the screen) and yellow tell you whose planets are on the outer or inner ring of the circle. But it's not clear to me why these names could not be in the same colour (these different colours do not seem to be functional). All planets that touch each other either side of the circle are said to be in conjunction. The meaning of these planetary pairs should be looked up in the book. You do have to look carefully at either side of the circle on the screen because the planetary glyphs are not in yellow or blue (colour of the respective person), but in the colour of their vibration. Sometimes different planetary glyphs are printed on each other. The software is not very interactive. I wonder if it's not possible to have the program show the conjunctions (e.g. by blinking dots and glyphs) rather than to search for yourself. Pointing to a planetary pair with your mouse should give the delineations instead of looking it all up in the book. But I know, this would make the book obsolete. Quantum relationships operate at 4 different levels of comparison. But the descriptions of the planetary pairs in the book are the same for all levels. There is no differentiation. The reader should keep this in mind. As far as I think the reader (the general public you know) should best keep nothing in mind, because in my opinion they will not ! Differentiatons in the descriptions would be welcomed.

In the book one can find some guidelines when there is no time of birth (positions of ascendant, moon and venus). And here too: I'm not sure if the general public will bear in mind that without an exact time of birth there is no ascendant etc... To me the general public won't take that into account. You can't expect that. Instead the software should discount the positions of these planets at the physical and/or the spiritual level when no time of birth is known or given.

All in all I should rate the CD with 3 stars (it's fun and easy to use but misses some points), while I rate the concept and the delineations of the planetary pairs with 4 stars. The interpretations of the planetary combinations are very good and that makes the book and CD a valuable tool for novices and those who want to learn something about human relations while having fun.

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