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Power of the Midheaven : The Astrology of Self-Realization

by Stephanie Jean Clement

Buy the book: Stephanie Jean Clement. Power of the Midheaven : The Astrology of Self-Realization

Release Date: 01 January, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stephanie Jean Clement. Power of the Midheaven : The Astrology of Self-Realization

Faulty Information but overall...

This is firstly, I should state, the only book I have come across that focuses at all on the MC, and for that, Ms. Clement should be praised. I have always found the MC to be highly relevant in an individual's chart and most books barely even touch on its significance.
Ms. Clement seems to apply her own ideas as to what each placement means, and I am not sure at all that some of them are correct. While there are always opportunities for new applications and certainly should not be thwarted or discouraged, I would like to at least be offered her reasoning on some of the interpretations she offered.
The bulk of this book is charts and birth datas for an individual to refer to while learning. I found that to be extremely beneficial, as you can erect the chart and work your way through the learning process.
Midheaven is so much more than just the tenth house cusp and work ethics and so forth, it really is the deeper side of our own individual selves. I think that the reader should use this book to learn more about the MC's importance, but as far as interpretations, if it sounds incorrect, verifiy it with one of the "Planets in" books.

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Response to California Reader

Dear California Reader,

I found this book very useful, as it explores a point that has not been discussed much in other books. Here are some thoughts for you about your review:

Ms. Clement uses the Koch house system. The Midheaven is the same for Koch as it is for Placidus, so you can rely on the charts you have as far as this book is concerned.

I would not think the examples of the Sagittarius Midheaven, Ivan the Terrible, Allen Ginsberg and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, represent conservatism. The Midheaven shows what you know about yourself, according to Ms. Clement, or what you can know. California Reader, you are correct in stating that the inner self is on the other side of the chart - the inner self is the IC. Ms. Clement's work explores one avenue to that inner, less conscious knowledge, and her examples show us people who knew themselves quite well.

Finally, Ms. Clement did characterize Sagittarius as a time of the year when we traditionally need to conserve food and fuel because of the cold (this is a clearly Northern Hemisphere view of the sign). That does not mean that all people with a Sagittarius Midheaven are conservatives - rather, they tend to be careful consumers. I think it is important to follow Ms. Clement's advice: The Midheaven is not the Sun. We can apply broad concepts of the zodiacal signs here, but we cannot expect that the Midheaven in your chart will be just like the Sun in that sign.

The book jacket includes recommendations from such lights of the astrological community as Maria Simms, Bernie Ashman, Gloria Star and Eleonora Kimmel. These folks know a valuable new title when they see one.

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