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by Robert P. Blaschke

Buy the book: Robert P. Blaschke. Progressions

Release Date: December, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert P. Blaschke. Progressions

An innovative look at progressions

This is a very needed and profound book that looks at the technique of progressions with new eyes. The author advocates that the three main astrological progressions types are not three interchangeably useable techniques, but aspects of the same experience unfolding in different times in the mental, astral and physical planes of manifestation, the physical being the latter in time.From this he states that all the events that can occur in the life span of an 84 year old, have already occurred in the progressions in the first 6 and 1/2 years of life, highlighting an equivalent to Childhood Development Theory in traditional Psychology within the astrological framework. He also writes about triggers that activate progressions into being, reminding astrologers of the work of CEO Carter, retrieving some fundamental laws delineated by this great astrologer. Many other aspects of progressions are covered ( there is an excellent section on retrogradation of progressed planets) and the book , probabily not suited for the beginner, is refreshing in its insight and spark. My feeling is the Blaschke might well be the "Steven Arroyo" of the 21st century, combining impeccable technique with penetrating insight into human nature. I am anxious to read his next book.

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Robert Blaschke has done a very good job on giving us a very detailed overview of all different sorts of progressions and their connections. His book makes it clear that astrology is a very complex art indeed and I doubt if any astrologer will find the time to try to unfold the progressions for every client in such a thorough way as is explained in this book. Nevertheless Robert Blaschke has done it and with the help of the computer one can gain time. Sometimes I find this book too thorough, too detailed, combining too much sorts of progressions (secondary, tertiary, minor). Delineating gets difficult (you know the proverb about the wood and the trees...). Anyway if you look for a book about progressions read this one !

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