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Queer Astrology for Women

by Jill Dearman

Buy the book: Jill Dearman. Queer Astrology for Women

Release Date: 15 November, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jill Dearman. Queer Astrology for Women

Life of the party

I took the book to a birthday party of a dear friend. We spent hours comparing each others signs and their potential mates.

For the most part everyone enjoyed themselves and laughed in agreement with the positive attributes. Of course everyone denied the negative ones, but I think it was helpful.

Most of the ladies had never encountered their suggested match signs and it kinda gave them a a little bit more insight on what was available in their choices in dating.

We didn't treat it as a bible of course, but enlightening knowledge that our soul mates could still be out there waiting, while we frustrate ourselves with the failed relationships of the past.

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This Book is the Cat's Meow!

When I heard that Jill Dearman -- the Paul Lynde of astrologers -- had published queer guide books for men and women, I rushed out and bought both versions. (No, I'm not planning a sex change -- I'm a modern lesbian with lots of gay male friends who I know could benefit from Jill's dicey astrological insights.) As my partner and I raced through our respective and collective sections (me, Cancer; her, Aquarius), we found ourselves laughing out loud, both at how Ms. Dearman had pegged us from afar and her meow-cat way of putting it. Either Jill Dearman has an astrological window into our souls or a mirror pointed up our skirts, and I'm not sure which vision scares me, or delights me, most. These books are as much a delight read out loud at dinner parties as they are in the privacy of your own bedroom. Now that I know the basics of my astrological personality (and that of my beloved), I can't wait to hear further from the Diva Dearman on the more complex astrological points of me and my sign. In the meantime, I'm happy to give a high recommendation to these hysterical books from that starry-eyed sooth-sayer of the human soul, Madame Dearman.

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