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Making the Gods Work for You : The Astrological Language of the Psyche

by Caroline Casey

Buy the book: Caroline Casey. Making the Gods Work for You : The Astrological Language of the Psyche

Release Date: 24 August, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Caroline Casey. Making the Gods Work for You : The Astrological Language of the Psyche

A New Way to Look at the Planets

For all those who are frustrated or disappointed by the mundane, trite "meanings" of the planets, Caroline Casey's book will be refreshing. She gives the planets new personalities, which will give serious students of astrology a new way to look at the heavenly bodies. For instance, she does not portray Saturn as a dreary, gloomy taskmaster, but as a teacher who wants us to graduate to being our own bosses. Neptune is no longer explained away in one word ("subconscious"), but is shown as the part of us that wants to imagine a better world into existence. Jupiter becomes more than just a lucky, expansive planet: it is the part of us that wants to tell stories--that studies in order to teach. Of course, Miss Casey explains it better than I can with this review. Astrologers and students of astrology will not be the only ones who will find something worthwhile in her book: psychologists who are interested in the ideas of James Hillman, and anybody interested in a new way to look at life will enjoy reading "Making the Gods Work for You" and seeing how the myths of each planet apply to them.

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Read this book and have gobs of fun.

Beware! Yes, be aware. A spell has been cast and tossed into the sea of eternity. There is no escape. What fun. We have a conspiracy of mystics here. I have listened to Caroline Casey's radio program. Although she is clearly creative, intelligent and entertaining, often I have found it redundant, even bording contrite - due mostly to the callers. I always had the feeling that if Caroline could emerse herself in the extended contemplation and focus that comes with writing a book, we would get a truly valuable piece of work. And so it is. Making the Gods Work for You is a living, breathing, dancing alchemy. Fun, insigtful and practical. Whether you know the language of Astrology or not, makes no difference. One thing that got a me smile out of me is how she likes to use the word fierce alot. I did not find anything fierce about it. Dynamic, yes. What was imparted throughout the book is a graceful, delicate, in-depth and respectful offering of the fullness and magic of life. She enters honestly into all the dimensions of ourselves as represented by the signs and planets and invites the reader to explore, experiment, doubt and dance with the scariest parts of ourself - from the most condemend to the most reverent - seducing us into the undeniable understanding that each contains the other. As an astrologer, I was particularly taken with the form of the book. It's inside out. My favorite arrangement. After the usual intro/preparation she begins the journey with Pluto. Wonderful. She then moves on to the rest of the outer planets and closes with the Sun. The layering effect is rich and full of surprises, taking the reader on a juicy pilgrimage, from here to here. She has really contributed a valuable service to our world. Read this book and have gobs of fun.

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