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Light on Relationships: The Synatry of Indian Astrology

by Robert Edwin Svoboda, Hart de Fouw, Hart Defouw

Buy the book: Robert Edwin Svoboda. Light on Relationships: The Synatry of Indian Astrology

Release Date: October, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert Edwin Svoboda. Light on Relationships: The Synatry of Indian Astrology


Here is another gem written by Hart De Fouw, but this time with another great thinker and author Robert Svoboda.
Totally unique approach emphasizing the analysis of SAMA DASHA in some cases.
And of course the language is as exquisite as before.

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A Comprehensive Introductory Survey

As a Western astrologer, I found this book to be by far the best introduction to relationship analysis using Eastern astrology. The authors are adept at teaching the fundamentals of this art in a broad but comprehensive survey, while introducing you to the language and culture of the jyotishi. This text therefore gives a Westerner a nice introduction to the jyotishi's perspective in such a way that a Westerner can understand Eastern astrology in context of its culture. The authors' periodic explanations of how the two systems are different are also insightful and valuable information. The authors are humorous, intelligent, well learned and their language is very practical and down to earth. What I am amazed at is how comprehensive this introductory survey is. Eastern astrology is an ancient, accurate and intricate art, and this text is a great starting point if you are pursuing this path of learning, particularly if you already have a Western perspective.

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