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Llewellyn's 2004 Moon Sign Book: Timing Is Your Key to Success (Llewellyns Moon Sign Book)

by Hill, Krause, Sam Llewellyn

Buy the book: Hill. Llewellyn's 2004 Moon Sign Book: Timing Is Your Key to Success (Llewellyns Moon Sign Book)

Release Date: August, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Hill. Llewellyn's 2004 Moon Sign Book: Timing Is Your Key to Success (Llewellyns Moon Sign Book)

forecasts are gone, what's the point

I've bought this annual since 1997. This year I bought it and no more monthly forecasts in the back, sign by sign. This to me was the most significant part of the book. The rest is good and helpful, but often feels a bit recycled year to year. It was the forecasts that made each year's edition truly unique. Why these are gone is a mystery, but, unless these return, this will sadly be the last copy I purchase. I rate it one star to illustrate just how much I feel has been lost.

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a very rich book

Even if a bookstore doesn't carry any other astrology books, I almost always see a lineup of Llewellyn's individual sign book annuals, e.g., Aquarius in 2003, and this little book, the Moon Sign Book.

The Moon Sign Book resembles the Farmer's Almanac, but more sophisticated and with a greater emphasis on astrology. And it includes a monumental amount of information in its nearly 500 pages. One can open it anywhere, and find interesting reading, usually about some aspect of the moon or moon lore.

The sections on gardening are absolutely invaluable, much more comprehensive than the gardening information in the Farmer's Almanac. This is the book for anyone who wants to learn to use the moon as a guide to gardening. And I can tell you from experience that following the moans signs and phases leads to successful gardening. The Moon Sign Book will show you how to do it for each year.

I often hear requests for charts for new and full moons. They are all in this book, along with a description of the energies of each one.

L:eah Whiting writes the excellent moon descriptions. Here are a few excerpts from the Full Moon for August 12: "The Aquarius Full Moon all but guarantees that significant changes will reveal themselves. It will definitely be out in public view, for everyone to see. .Moon meets Uranus, a strong agent for disrupting the status quo. Venus and Jupiter will lend a positive, optimistic, upbeat quality to our moods. It also becomes supereasy to exaggerate our ability to fulfill promises, so be careful about what you agree to do. All in all, watch for news of significant changes happening in your life, and in the world."

There is here the usual basic astrology information, but with an emphasis on the moon and its meaning in a chart. There are also descriptions of the moon phases as well as the moon signs. We can find the best dates for just about any activity, as well as economic and weather forecasts. There are also stories, essays, and even poems with some relation to astrology or to the moon.

The Moon Sign Book is a very rich book. This is my first acquaintance with it, and I am looking forward to using it regularly.

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