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Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs

by Carolyn Reynolds, Linda Goodman

Buy the book: Carolyn Reynolds. Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs

Release Date: 01 June, 1999

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: Carolyn Reynolds. Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs

"LINDA GOODMAN"--Who bought the name?

in what appears to be a highly political move on the BANTAM front, a sweepingly general put-together of mostly vague to inaccurate planetary tables(aLMOST HALF THE BOOK) in a mass reading market already innundated with ALL the basics of astrology. i doubt seriously any real authorization was involved as its elusive and again vague explanation of c.b.'s (b.d.6-9-49?)acquiantance with M.A.K...ahem...only serious linda goodman "fans" should own a copy of this book.GAK! reviewster from the earthquake zone is write, to me. i bought this book two days ago and have spent two sleepless nights wrangling with its contradications.although the book love signs seems to still physically elude me periodically, the most important lesson gleaned from that has been that things are not always what they seem and people are sometimes too willing to believe whatever they are told. well, i better quit while i still have a head!

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Could this be ANY more complicated?

I went to pick this up at the bookstore because I was hoping to read about my astrological compatibility between some friends and co-workers. Instead of being just the sun signs, there were moon ascendants, the "houses" or whatever, and to use this book correctly you would need the exact day and time the other person was born. Most of us don't know that, so this book is useless. There were also many diagrams that looked so difficult and overwhelming, so I left this one on the shelf. "Love Signs" was much easier to understand.

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