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Key Words for Astrology

by Anna Haebler, Hajo Banzhaf

Buy the book: Anna Haebler. Key Words for Astrology

Release Date: November, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Anna Haebler. Key Words for Astrology

Wonderful thumbnail astrological analysis

This little book cuts to the astrological chase in a concise, clear, exciting style. Banzhaf is a German-language writer (in translation here) whose clipped-to-the-point descriptions of all the basic astrological positions and combinations are steeped in a deep knowledge not only of the subject at hand, but of Jungian psychology, classical mythology, numerology, and Tarot. While many authors who have written valuable books on chart analysis carry on at great lengths to discuss each element of the horoscope, Banzhaf is in every case clear, concise, illuminating, and almost best of all, he supplies us with brief, pithy, mythology or psychology-derived titles for nearly every combination here--titles such as Moon in Aries--the Amazon. While this may sound simplistic on the surface, Banzhaf's deep knowledge of mythology, tarot, and depth psychology make his labels instantly clear and applicable--and separates him from many of the light-weight pop-mythologists who have littered the literary landscape in past years with their myth-lite treatises on Goddesses, etc. Astrology as a symbolic language is subject to positive and negative readings, and Banzhaf is careful to supply both the positive and negative polarities of all situations. This is a mature, insightful, serious thinker and writer, and I wish more of his books were available in English. I'd recommend this one without reservation for anyone interested in Astrology, beginner through expert.

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