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121. Horary Astrology: Practical Techniques for Problem Solving
by Marc Edmund Jones

122. How to Choose Stocks That Will Outperform The Market 2002
by Grace K. Morris

123. How to Seduce Any Man in the Zodiac
by Robin Macnaughton

124. I Know All About You
by Louis, Dr. Turi

125. Identifying Planetary Triggers: Astrological Techniques for Prediction
by Celeste Teal

126. Influence of the Stars: A Book of Old World Lore 1889
by Rosa Baughan

127. Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols (Inside Astrology , No 2)
by Mark Jeffrey Borax, Ellias Lonsdale

128. Inside Planets (Inside Astrology, Vol 1)
by Mark J. Borax, Ellias Losndale, Ellias Lonsdale

129. Introduction to Astrology
by Dawne Kovan, Lucien Morgan

130. Intuitive Astrology : Follow Your Best Instincts to Become Who You Always Intended to Be
by Elizabeth Rose Campbell

131. Investing by the Stars
by Teresa Darty Alligood, Henry Weingarten

132. Kabalah
by Ione Szalay

133. Kabbalistic Astrology : And the Meaning of Our Lives
by Rav Berg

134. Kabbalistic Astrology: The Sacred Tradition of the Hebrew Sages
by Rabbi Joel, C., D.D. Dobin, Joel C. Dobin

135. Karma Cards: A New Age Guide to Your Future Through Astrology / Book and Cards
by Amy Zerner, Monte Farber

136. Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnation
by Martin Schulman

137. Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation
by Martin Schulman

138. Karmic Relationships
by Martin Schulman

139. Key Words for Astrology
by Anna Haebler, Hajo Banzhaf

140. KISS Guide to Astrology
by Eric Francis, Derek Parker, Julia Parker

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