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Healing Pluto Problems

by Donna Cunningham

Buy the book: Donna Cunningham. Healing Pluto Problems

Release Date: May, 1986

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Donna Cunningham. Healing Pluto Problems

Want to be prepared ?

This book is for Plutonians, people who experience Pluto transits or who want to be prepared for hard time in your life. It is also for those who face problems, which stems from grief, guilt and resentment. There are several sections each devoted to Guilt/Resentment problems, incest and domestic violence, death and grief. Who are not familiar with it? Sooner or later we meet people who were abused, hurt or on a path of transformation. This book can also help you to deal better with those people and maybe even help them.
Whether you are Plutonian or not, you have Pluto somewhere in your chart and from time to time you will have to face the Pluto problems in your life.
I'm not a Plutonian, but this book helped me to overcome obstacles in my marriage (Pluto in seventh house). It's very practical and gives many referrals to different types of healing tools.

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A Book for Everyone including Non-Astrologers :-)

I came to read this book via my partner/boyfriend. I have not finished the book yet I'm two thirds of the way through it (at the time of publishing this review) and must say that it has been invaluable.. even to someone like me who knows nothing about astrology (my partner/bf is the Astrologer, lucky me!). I do recommend having one's Astrological Natal Chart handy as well as a friend (or someone) to whom you can refer in regards to Pluto in your chart (if you're a no nothing like me or else read some of the books she recommends to get a beginner's understanding).

The way this book is fantastic is that she guides (there are no SHOULDs in this book) you to ways to heal yourself of negative Pluto traits such as resentment and inappropriate guilt via Flower Essences, Affirmations, Mediation, etc.. not just explaining about them.

This book will only benefit those who truely would like to release themselves of negative Pluto traits.. if you want to change.. this book will help you otherwise.. do not bother. It is not a light read and can at times make you uncomfortable... she deals with subjects that most people will find are taboo: abuse, death, grief, resentment, inappropraite guilt, etc.

** I recommend this to everyone as it is relevant to everyone (we all have Pluto in our Natal Charts). **

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