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Erotic Astrology

by Olivia

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Release Date: 11 February, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Olivia. Erotic Astrology

Ok, but nothing dramatic.

Reading this book was more for fun than anything else. My girlfriend and I read it together and we found it interesting but certainly not erotic. Some of the erotic ideas are nothing more than common sense and I can think of hundreds of other ideas that are far more erotic. The astrology part of it is also questionable. Overall this book was ok to read, but we didn't feel it contained anything inspirational or mind busting.

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I have read several books on the topic of erotic nature. I have also read many books on Astrology and I have to say, this is a book I was very disappointed with. The author gets creative and writes fun and somewhat erotic thoughts, but if you compare what you read here to other books, you'll quickly notice that this author differs in opinion as to what erotic astrology is about. Other books somewhat agree, but not this author. Example, this author writes about Aquarians being quiet in bed and liking to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Most other books say Aquarians are not only independent, but they like their partners that way. They like assertive people in bed who are not timid, but can express themselves loudly in bed. This book says Virgos are critical and demand you look a certain way in public and a certain way in bed. Most other books say Virgos, aside from being meticulous, like seeing their women in any type of clothes in public and even wearing a t-shirt to bed will arouse them.

The list goes on and on. As for setting the stage for your lover or being seductive or displaying erotic behavior, there are far better books out there that are sure to arouse even the most tired partner. Some books I enjoyed reading are " Moon signs for lovers", " Seduction", and "Love signs". This book left me unsatisfied.

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