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Dancing with the Wheel

by Crysalis Mulligan, Wabun Wind, Sun Bear

Buy the book: Crysalis Mulligan. Dancing with the Wheel

Release Date: 01 November, 1991

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Crysalis Mulligan. Dancing with the Wheel

Super Resource

This is my first book on medicine wheels and ceremonies. I first became interested when my family and I went to Sedona for Christmas a few years ago and spent the day with a woman who took us on a hike and did a drumming ceremony and visulaization. This book has excellent info that has not only helped me understand more of the background and meaning of the different ceremonies and symbolism but also the grounding to do them myself.

The first chapter (I love the title) is called "The Dance Begins." It steps through things like what a medicine wheel looks like, what it represents and how to make one. Then there is a section on "hearing the earth's song" - this is almost a meditation of sitting quietly and listening to your own heart beat and that of the earth. Then there are pages on the different clans (I especially love the Butterfly Clan). Ceremonies like smudging are described as well as centering through use of drums & rattles. There are chants to sing, discussion of the different pathways, using the medicine wheel for healing, using stones/minerals, totem animals. Plants are also discussed. Oversll quite a comprehensive book - one that can keep you busy for quite a long time because its so full of information and activities.

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A gift from Mother Earth

This book teaches us the how to communicate in a deeper and more personal way with ourselvs and the earth. It teaches us healing ceremonies and songs, it teaches us how to build our own wheels with the help of plants and stones and colors, with wonderful illustrations and instructions to guide us every step of the way. It will teach you how to see the spirit inside each living thing from the single stone on a trail to the mighty hawk high above us. I believe with the help of this book we as brothers and sisters can finially begin to heal our earth.

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