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Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages

by Chuck Missler

Buy the book: Chuck Missler. Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages

Release Date: March, 1999

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Chuck Missler. Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages

Have not read yet but....

I just met the Author a week before writing this. I can say this: He is extremely smart. Maybie someday I can actually review the book.

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For Those Who Like to Think

Chuck Missler's careful detail within his books tend to make his writing difficult to keep up with. Cosmic Codes is an exception. His chapters are broken up into headings that allow the reader to take a breath or to chew like the intellectual cows we tend to become. Cosmic Codes is not for the faint of thought, you have to be ready to think; to think beyond time, space and our predefined view of reality. Cosmic Codes also puts the "Bible Code" in its proper place. They do exist, you cannot escape the math on the odds, but Missler puts the evidence in its proper perspective. There are some errors here and there. For example, Rambsel notes the absence of Judas from the Isaiah 53 ELS findings. I have since found it within the text. However, considering the topic and the vast amount of cross-referencing, it is brilliant, albiet imperfect; Like Chuck himself. When reading Cosmic Codes, as with all other works by Chuck Missler, start by reading Acts 17:11 in the Bible; it is his caveat.

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